Trucks are excellent vehicles that we can get a lot out of, but we have to take care of them in the best way possible. One of the more important factors to pay attention to when purchasing a truck is the bed. Lining your truck bed is one of the best things you can do to get the most out of your vehicle, but there are several different brands to choose from, making it difficult to know which one you can trust. If you aren’t sure about which liner to choose for your truck bed, here is a comparison between some top brands: Armadillo, Rhino, and Line-X Liners. Let’s take a look at the details on why Armadillo Liners near Baton Rouge may be the way to go.

Armadillo Liners Baton Rouge

Armadillo Liners

Armadillo Liners is a leading brand in the Bed Liner industry. The polymers are able to be applied up to ¼ inches thick, and are specifically formulated to permanently bond to your truck’s bed, and to provide a watertight seal, and keep from cracking, warping, or splitting. These spray-in bed liners are also an excellent choice because they insulate the bed from noise and vibration, they reduce slipping of any cargo you have in the truck bed, and they are also repairable after a collision occurs. Armadillo Liners are designed to be extremely tough, while most Rhino dealers only offer TuffGrip liners, which tend to be softer.

Armadillo Liners are also versatile in that they aren’t just for truck beds. Because this can be sprayed on, they can conform to the surface of a variety of vehicles, including vans, boats, animal trailers, hunting blinds, school busses, and so many more options! There are several different colors to choose from, including different grays, black, blue, tan, green, red, and even yellow, so customize your vehicle however you’d like with Armadillo Liners! Armadillo also offers pure polyuria, polyuria hybrids, and polyurethane systems for their products, so you can make the best choice for your vehicle, while Line X offers primarily a high pressure pure 100% polyuria solution for bedliners and industrial coatings. Armadillo’s products are also available in five-gallon, as well as drum set quantities!

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Whoever is installing your liner is also a huge part of the decision process. You want to hire someone who is precise and extremely accurate; someone who pays attention to the details. This is why you should go with the team at Complete Automotive in Zachary. Their experience and devotion to details should help you be confident in choosing them as your installer of Armadillo Liners near Baton Rouge!

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If you’re interested in choosing Armadillo Liners near Baton Rouge for your truck, commercial vehicle, trailer, or whatever you may need it for, then visit Complete Automotive in Zachary, Louisiana! Visit their website today to learn more about Armadillo’s product and to find out how you can schedule an appointment!