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Leave It to the Car Paint Professionals

You can often point out an amateur car paint job, so make sure if you need paint work on your vehicle, you come to a professional auto painter like Complete Automotive. We are the preferred Baton Rouge auto paint shop. Choosing someone who paints professionally gives you the guarantee of impeccable painting and durability you wont find by doing it yourself. Very few individuals have the appropriate tools and facilities to repaint a car properly. Do not risk ruining your car by attempting a do-it-yourself paint job!

Baton Rouge Preferred Auto Paint Shop

Reasons for Automotive Painting:

-fix scratches or other flaws

-custom finishes

-change of color

-matching existing paint after a part replacement

-a fresh, new look


Top of the Line Equipment

Complete Automotive has the top-of-the-line professional HVLP spray guns to ensure that when you come to us for bodywork, you receive the best auto paint job in Baton Rouge. Our master painters have the training and experience necessary to paint your car flawlessly and to create many types of custom finishes.

Automotive Painting Process

Preferred Auto Paint Shop Baton Rouge LA

Each piece of your vehicle will be primed, sanded, and cleaned with a top-grade remover to eliminate any remaining dust and debris. Our Baton Rouge auto paint shop specialists will bring your car into the painting area and create a custom, detailed plan for your vehicle. The next step is proceeding to cover all vehicle inserts, trims, handles, and threaders to ensure connections remain tightly fitted and paint-free. Your specialist will then select the appropriate color and spray gun nozzle to paint your car with.

We typically administer a primer, multiple coats of color and multiple finishing to give you the seamless, high quality paint application you deserve. The three standard automotive paint options available today are the urethane paint, metallic paint, and acrylic paint. The painting process is lengthy and detailed. Correct car painting takes patience and a meticulous application. Even after painting, each coat must be re-sanded to smoothness before applying the next coat. The paint must also be left to cure for an extended amount of time to ensure the best and longest lasting car paint results.

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Next time you are looking for an Baton Rouge auto paint shop, visit the knowledgeable painters at Complete Automotive in Zachary. Whether you have a small area to paint or an entire car, we can restore or update your car paint using the highest standards in the industry.