A collision center is something you never want to have to think about, but information about Complete Automotive Collision Center in Zachary will be good knowledge to have stored away in your phone in case a problem ever arises. Their trained staff has been serving the Baton Rouge, Clinton, Pride, St Francisville, New Road and Baker for years. If your car ends up needing work, their Zachary collision center is located in a convenient spot for drivers in the Baton Rouge area.

What Services Are Offered At The Collision Center In Zachary?

A million different things can go wrong during a collision, and none of them are ever expected. Thankfully, the collision center in Zachary can handle just about anything for you. There are needs like precision frame alignment, suspension repair, wheels and tires, and wheel alignments that might come from the accident, but Complete Automotive Collision Center can also handle engine repair, A/C repair, and tune ups. Having so many different services available makes this your one stop shop to get your car back in working order. Once it leaves the doors of the collision center in Zachary, you will be able to trust it on the road again.

Visit Complete Automotive Collision Center in Zachary

A very unique service that the Complete service center offers is 24/7 towing. This service is available for the following areas: metropolitan Baton Rouge, Baker, Slaughter, Pride, Central, St Francisville, Ethel, and Clinton. If you are in one of these spots, then having the number for this tow service is always a good idea. If you call (225) 301 – 9966, you will know that even if your day is not so great with a car accident or mechanical breakdown, there can be peace of mind with a trusted, high quality service coming your way. In addition to the great availability, if you plan on using Complete Automotive to service your car’s damages, the towing will be completely free.

What To Do Before You Get To Our Collision Center

There are some important things for you to know about what to do before we are able to get you with a tow or you are otherwise helped from your collision. Some of the most important things are knowing that you should stop your vehicle, as long as it is safe. You should also turn off the cars that were in the accident, once they are in a safe place. If you have reflective triangles or flares, putting these by the scene will help alert other cars that there is a situation they need to pay attention to. It is a good idea to write down the names of every person, driver or not, in the cars that were involved in the accident. With all parties still there, make a sketch of the cars in their orientation, then jot down where each passenger was seated. Note the weather, date, time, and any other appropriate information to take note of on the crash. On another sheet of paper, write down the driver’s license numbers of all of the drivers and get license plates for all of the cars involved. All of these things will help keep things organized once help arrives. Remember that you are always able to get a copy of the police report from your local precinct.

Contacting Complete Automotive

The Complete Service Center is located at 9815 Main Street, Suite A Zachary, LA 70791. The phone number there is (225) 658 – 8446. The Towing and Recovery Center is located at the same address but in Suite B, and the phone number to there is (225) 301 – 9966. The Collision Center is located at 19511 Plank Rd, Zachary, LA 70791, and the phone number to reach that office is (225) 658 – 1493. You can come by or call any of these locations depending on what you need done. There is also a contact form on the website that you are able to fill out if that is easier for you.