Maintaining the health of your vehicle is imperative, as they are inherently connected to nearly everything we do today. When they cease to function well, it can derail our lives and cause undue stress and worry. When that happens, you’ll want to be sure you get your car into the hands of someone who knows how to accurately diagnose the problems and handle it effectively and efficiently. If you are dealing with serious damage from an accident, the Complete Automotive Body Shop is the place to go, as our staff is experienced in restoring cars to their previous working state.

The Complete Automotive Body Shop is Equipped to Handle Problems Small and Large

The potential of getting in a wreck while on the road is an unfortunate reality and sometimes unavoidable. If disaster strikes and you are searching for the right place to bring your vehicle, you can stop looking once you’ve found the Complete Automotive Body Shop near Baton Rouge. Our Complete Collision Center includes a 24-hour towing service so transporting your vehicle is no issue. Our highly certified (ASE and I-CAR certifications) technicians are capable of restoring your car, truck or SUV, and they are always keeping up with the latest developments in the automotive industry to expand their bodies of knowledge. It is our goal to put you back on the road as quickly as possible and in great shape. In the meantime, you can utilize our free car rental assistance so you can still go about your daily activities.

Directions to Follow After a Crash

In the event of a crash, there is certain protocol to follow to ensure the safety of yourself and other persons involved. Firstly, stop your vehicle and then move it off the traveled roadway if everything is clear, safe, and legal (it is illegal to move a vehicle from the area the accident occurred in some states, while in others it is required). Then, turn off the ignitions of the vehicles involved and make a first aid check of everyone involved and determine if anyone is in immediate danger or needs medical assistance. Next, call the police and if needed, emergency medical services. Afterwards, mark the scene of the accident with flares and/or retro-reflective triangles to alert others to the situation, and remove any objects that could be of danger to other vehicles. Make sure to get the names of everyone in both vehicles and any witnesses to the accident. Then, make a diagram of where each person was sitting in his or her respective vehicles, as well as the vehicles direction of travel and lane. The date, time, and weather conditions should also be noted. Take notes from witnesses, too. Lastly, exchange driver’s licenses, write down the other driver’s license number, in addition to insurance company information, and don’t discuss “fault” or make statements to anyone other than the police (and get a copy of the police report from the local precinct). Follow these instructions and contact Complete Automotive for towing, and you’ll be on your way to returning to the road.

You can Rely on the Complete Automotive Body Shop near Baton Rouge

Complete Automotive is committed to delivering excellent customer car, and we serve customers from St. Francisville, Clinton, Slaughter, Pride, New Roads, Baker, and the surrounding areas. We are among a prestigious top 5% in the nation that is nationally certified to repair several of the largest automaker brands, including Nissan, Hyundai, Chevy, Cadillac, Chevy, and many more! Bring in your vehicle today, and allow us restore your vehicle and peace of mind!