The car is an integral part of our lives, which means car troubles can have a significant impact on your day-to-day needs. When your car is in need of major repairs or simply standard maintenance, you’ll want to give it to qualified professionals that you can rely on. Complete Automotive in Zachary, LA, is staffed with certified technicians who employ the latest tools and industry knowledge to restore your car to its proper condition. We serve residents from Zachary and the surrounding areas, including Baton Rouge, Clinton, Slaughter, and St. Francisville. Furthermore, our partnership with CollisionFix gives customers one more resource to utilize when they get in a wreck.

Complete Automotive CollisionFix Membership

Getting in a car accident is an emotionally and mentally taxing event. What’s more, the legal challenges and insurance companies can lead to complications that no one likes to deal with. Enter CollisionFix. This service is a consumer’s advocate dedicated to returning your car, truck, or SUV to the road in safe pre-accident condition. Oftentimes, insurers pressure auto body shops to use cheap and potentially defective parts, as they want the body shops to serve them and not the car owner. If poor parts are used, it can devalue the worth of your car and create unsafe driving conditions. CollisionFix is an educational resource that helps customers get their car back in original, pre-accident condition. By partnering with this educational service, Complete Automotive can provide even better and more reliable services to our customers in Zachary, Baton Rouge, and the surrounding areas.

Tough Repairs are no Match for Complete Automotive Technicians

The Complete Automotive Collision Center not only promises to put your car back on the road in great shape, but we also offer a variety of convenient services that make your post-wreck life easier. For example, we have a 24-hour towing service that will transport your car directly to our shop so our ASE technicians can get to work right away. It is worth noting that less than 5% of the nation’s auto shops are certified, and Complete Automotive is a member of this small minority. To be a part of this exclusive club, Complete Automotive must strictly maintain proper equipment, facilities, tools, and our staff must be up to speed on training. It does not matter whether you drive a Honda, Chevy, Toyota, Nissan, Buick, Cadillac, GMC, or many other car types, as we can repair them all. Simply put, you can rely on our team of technicians to put you back on the road in a timely and effective manner.

Take Advantage of Complete Automotive’s Partnership with CollisionFix

CollisionFix is a valuable tool for anyone to use when they get in an accident. Looking through their resources can go a long way in helping you understand the best course of action in repairing your car and dealing with insurers. Complete Automotive is committed to seeing that the customer is put back on the road in as good a condition as possible, and our partnership with CollisionFix is just one more way we honor this commitment. Don’t let your accident sideline you from the road for too long and come to Complete Automotive and see how we can help!