Is your car starting to lose that brand new look it had when you first bought it? Cars are like people, we get through the wear and tear of the work grind and every now and then could use a new ‘coat of paint’ to freshen us up. Our cars get dinged up from that small fender bender or that runaway shopping cart at the grocery store. To get your pride and joy back to shape then come stop by Complete Automotive in Zachary – a premier paint and body shop near Baton Rouge.

A New Look for an Old Friend

With a new paint job you want to ensure quality work. Whether you were involved in an unfortunate collision or just want a touch up, Complete Automotive can definitely deliver what you’re searching for. Our technicians are constantly training to learn exactly how to match your vehicle’s initial paint color. We have invested heavily into state of the art equipment, as factory paint jobs usually consist of multiple layers of specialization. There would be nothing worse than getting your car back and it being a different color, and Complete Automotive can promise that won’t be the case.

Unfortunately, a new paint job is often necessary after a major collision. Complete Automotive has a detailed process to remodel your car after an accident and give you a new coat of paint. After receiving an estimate and making a quick check with your insurance company, we are ready to get to work to get you back on the road. We disassemble the vehicle and get everything back to factory standards, then reapply the matched paint color. Collisions are scary events, but Complete Automotive will get you back on track.

We do recommend a few tips for cleaning your car after a fresh paint job. Due to the nature of the finish it can be easily damaged during the first 90 days or until the finish hardens. We recommend you do not take your car through a commercial car wash, as the powerful brushes and can chip the finish. Take precaution when parking under trees or electrical wiring as bird droppings can spot or damage your finish, as can tree sap. The best thing you can do is wash your car in the shade, always use clean water, and only use a mild washing solution. You want to take care of your car as well as it takes care of you and your family.

Choose Complete Automotive as Your Paint and Body Shop Near Baton Rouge

We truly hope you put your trust in us here at Complete Automotive if you’re involved in a collision or need a touch up. We pride ourselves on being the paint and body shop near Baton Rouge that keeps the capital city running smoothly. Contact Complete Automotive today!