Have you been in an accident and need repairs? The stress associated with getting in a wreck can be devastating, not to mention the potential for injury. When you are in this predicament, it is important to get your car, truck, or SUV into the hands of professionals who can restore your car and peace of mind. That is where Complete Automotive in Zachary comes in. We are a certified repair shop that can fix cars of a variety of makes and models, including Jeeps. If you have been in a wreck and need repairs, come to Complete Automotive and experience first-class service.

Complete Automotive is a Certified Body Shop in Zachary

Complete Automotive doesn’t just fix your car, truck, or SUV – we offer a list of services to make the entire process after a wreck easier for you. For example, our 24-hour towing service will transport your car from the scene of the wreck to our shop, where our ASE certified technicians can begin their work to restore your vehicle. In addition, our standing as a certified body shop puts us in a small minority of less 5% of shops throughout the country. In order to maintain this prestigious qualification, we must maintain proper facilities, equipment, tools, and stay up to speed on training. These measures ensure that your car is treated with the utmost car. We can perform work on a variety of makes and models, including the most popular brands like INFINITI, Nissan, Hyundai, Chevy, Buick, and Jeep. At the Complete Automotive Collision Center, we focus on customer satisfaction first, so that you can return to the road in pristine condition quickly.


Steps to Take in the Event of a Crash

There is a specific procedure you can follow to make the post-wreck experience go smoothly. To start, move your car from the travelled roadway if everything is safe and legal, turn off the ignitions of the respective vehicles involved in the accident, and check to see if any injuries were sustained amongst any persons in the accident. If there is no need to call for medical assistance the situation there is no clear danger, call the police and mark the area you are in with flares or retro-reflective triangles to alert other drivers potential approaching the scene of the accident. Remove debris from the roadway as well to reduce risk for other drivers, and collect the names of people who were in the damaged cars and potential witnesses. Ascertain where the occupants were seated in each vehicle and make diagram noting the date, time, and weather conditions. Ask for the other driver’s license and record their license number. Lastly, exchange insurance information and don’t discuss fault. Try to get a copy of the police report of the accident from the local precinct too. If you follow these steps, things should go smoothly and a tow truck from Complete Automotive will be on its way.

Visit Our Certified Repair Shop for your Jeep Repairs

Complete Automotive is located in Zachary and has helped the communities of St. Francisville, Clinton, Slaughter, Pride, New Roads, and more with vehicle and, more specifically, Jeep repair for years. We offer a list of services, from brake changes to full mechanical repairs. If you are experiencing problems with your car, truck, or SUV, don’t hesitate to bring it to the expert technicians at Complete Automotive!