Your pick-up truck means a lot to you. It gets you and your materials to the job site, helps your friends and family move across town, and tows everything you need for that perfect family camping vacation. Throughout all of this activity your truck bed can certainly take quite a beating. Complete Automotive of Zachary has the answer for you – Armadillo Bedliners. Armadillo is one of the industry leaders for quality bedliners, and Complete Automotive is the dealership to visit if you’re in the Zachary or Baton Rouge area.

Liners for More Than Just Trucks

The obvious selection for a liner is a truck bed, but Complete Automotive will apply Armadillo lining to any vehicle that needs a protective covering. The liner is applied onto any surface and provides a ¼ inch durable, non-slip surface. This application can be used on boats, jeeps, or any type of vehicle you might deem it necessary. Taking the boat out for some fishing in the Louisiana swamp? You’ll always have secure footing while you battle that prize catch if your boat is lined with Armadillo. Making some important deliveries during some nasty weather? You won’t be slipping out of your delivery truck if you’ve got Armadillo under your feet.

truck bedliners

Armadillo uses a special combination of polymers to ensure top quality and long life of your chosen liner. The chemical properties of Armadillo liners prevent any scratching or cracking even in extreme weather conditions. Since the application is sprayed on it is not removable to your liner will never be stolen. Your truck or vehicle will not receive any additional damage as Armadillo liners do not require any drilling or mounting hardware. The seal is watertight and is rust and corrosion proof. And best of all? Armadillo liners require zero maintenance from you after application.

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While black is the usual choice for any type of liner, here at Complete Automotive we vehicles come in all types of colors and designs. We have an innovative color matching process to make sure your new liner matches exactly to your current vehicle’s specific palette.

If you have any questions or want to see some applications of Armadillo Bedliners firsthand, feel free to visit our dealership to speak to our sales representatives. We are happy to show you our full lineup of truck accessories and bedliner packages. Let Complete Automotive of Zachary protect your vehicle today with an Armadillo Bedliner!