Express your sense of style with personalized truck accessories for your ride! Here at Complete Automotive, we provide residents of Zachary and the surrounding areas with premium truck and vehicle accessories that allow you to customize your vehicle exactly to your liking. If you are seeking to lift, level, or lower your truck, SUV, or Jeep, you have come to the right place! Our knowledgeable and highly trained mechanics will help you select the proper leveling, body, or suspension kit for your vehicle, and will install it all for you. In addition to our lift kits, we offer premium Armadillo bedliners here at Complete Automotive near Baton Rouge. These versatile  liners can shape to just about anything, and provide your vehicle with maximum protection against the harsh elements. We have everything you need here to customize your truck to better perform and adapt to your specific work and lifestyle requirements. What are you waiting for? Contact our knowledgeable team at Complete Automotive today to find out more about our superior truck accessories near Baton Rouge!

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Lifting Your Truck with A Lift Kit from Complete Automotive in Zachary

Lifting your truck, SUV, or other sports vehicle not only enhances the vehicle’s exterior appearance, but provides greater clearance and off-road handling. Our expert mechanics will help you choose the perfect custom body lift, leveling, or suspension kit for your vehicle, and will install it correctly and safely, ensuring that you are good to navigate safely on Louisiana’s highways and roads. Our team works with several major brands, and are authorized dealers of Rough Country Suspension Systems, Poison Spyder Customs, Warn, MetalCloak, Dick Cepek Tires & Wheels, and more. Lifting your truck allows for not only superior off-road performance and off-road handling, but it also allows your truck to accommodate larger tires. Don’t be surprised if you turn a few heads with your lift kit, either! Lift kits offer a distinctive and rugged edge to your truck, separating your truck apart from the masses.

Equip Your Truck to Handle the Elements with an Armadillo Bedliner

Louisiana’s climate is harsh, and can wear on vehicles overtime. Armadillo bedliners are incredibly durable spray-in bedliners made from specially formulated polymers that permanently bond to the bed of your truck. These polymers bond to create a surface that will not crack or scratch, even when the weather is less than favorable. Armadillo bedliners create a watertight seal, keeping corrosion and rust from occurring in the bed of your truck, which is perfect for Louisiana’s humid and wet climate. These bedliners will not warp, split, or crack, and are even dent and scratch resistant.

You will not have to worry about damaging the liner when throwing heavy-duty equipment or power tools into the bed of your truck. Armadillo bedliners insulate the bed from noise and vibrations, and reduce cargo slipping, making transporting boxes and other items a breeze. No mounting hardware or drilling is required to install one of these bedliners, and once they are installed, they are permanent. Armadillo liners can conform to a wide array of surfaces other than just trucks, including school buses, freight trucks, garbage trucks, boats, vans, off-road vehicles, and more. Our color matching technology allows us to create an exact match of your vehicles color for the bedliner, creating a streamline look for your vehicle.

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Visit Complete Automotive for Truck Accessories near Baton Rouge

Looking for truck accessories near Baton Rouge? Come to Complete Automotive in Zachary for Armadillo bedliners and lift kits to customize your truck! We proudly serve Zachary, Baker, Central, St. Francisville, Clinton, Slaughter, and the surrounding communities. Do not hesitate to contact our friendly team today to learn more about our great truck accessories available!