It happened. You’ve always been a safe driver. You were going the speed limit and you didn’t even take your eyes off of the road. But that car came out of nowhere and caused you to swerve into the opposing lane, and you collided with another car. Instead of figuring it out on the fly, here are a few things the Complete Automotive Collision Center near Baton Rouge thinks you should know if a collision occurs. As certified Honda repair experts, the Complete Automotive team is here to help you every step of the way after you have been involved in a collision, and want to help you with repairs for your Honda car, truck, or SUV in the Baton Rouge area.

What to Do After Being Involved in A Collision

If you are able to and the situation is safe and legal, immediately move you vehicle out of traffic and turn off your ignition. All vehicles involved in the accident should also turn off their ignition. You will want to make sure all parties are not in serious medical condition. After a quick check, dial 911 to alert emergency authorities of the accident. Again as long as you are being safe, remove anything from the road that could cause damage to other drivers or motorists. Be Sure to exchange information. Know who was in each vehicle at the time of the accident, write down the information from the other driver’s license, and receive a copy of their insurance information. Wait for the police to arrive and write a report. Communicate with your local precinct to receive a copy of the police report. As scary as the situation might have been, you’ve just done everything right to protect fellow motorists, report to the police, and receive the information you need to provide your insurance company. So now what?

What Happens to My Honda Now?

At this point we recommend you trust in our expert services here at Complete Automotive. Many people are unfamiliar with how collision damage is repaired, but we’re here to give you a quick breakdown. The first thing that happens is an initial estimate is determined based on visual damage. Year, make and model, and damage sustained are all compiled by our technicians to give you a number on how much your repair could cost. This estimate is sent to your insurance company where they will decided if they vehicle can be saved or is beyond repair. If we receive approval, then we get to work. The car will be disassembled to see any hidden damage from the impact. Any new parts needed are then ordered. The repair process begins when we receive all of the parts ordered and review them for quality. Structural repair comes next. The frame of your vehicle needs to be reconstructed to factory conditions. After this is completed a technician will begin pieces together the outside frame of your vehicle. Your color of paint is then applied to the finished construction. We’re almost done.

Reassembly is almost the final step. Any final touches or additional pieces are properly installed and everything is checked for quality. Your vehicle will then be detailed, a very intensive cleaning process to remove any dust or particles that may have accumulated during the total process. Then, you finally have your Honda back. You will receive your bill and all paperwork is completed. This is when you drive away and put this whole situation behind you.

If you have any questions about what happens during and after a collision, visit our website or give us a call at 225-658-1493. You can also visit us at 19511 Plank Road, Zachary, LA. Drive safe out there, but know that if anything happens, the Complete Automotive Collision Center near Baton Rouge can put you back together.