Your car is one of the most important things you have in your life. It gets you where you need to go quickly. So when your vehicle receives damage or needs a tune-up, you need the right body shop in Baton Rouge. That’s where Complete Collision comes into play. 

That being said, what can we do for you? Discover more from our professionals and see how we put our clients first. 

Exceptional Service Inside…

The inside of your car keeps it chugging along, bringing you to where you need to go. So when you begin to have internal issues, you really shouldn’t ignore the warnings. Because even the smallest signs could be the precursor to a much larger issue. Even your air conditioner running hot could be a sign of something much bigger. 

At Complete Collision, we currently have auto repair services to help with the following issues:

  • Oil Changes. Regularly changing your oil ensures that your car runs smoothly. Without it, your engine can easily overheat or seize up. 
  • Tire Services. If you ignore the maintenance needs of your tires and alignment, you could be in danger every time you drive. Ask us to straighten your drive and replace your tires today.
  • Engine Repair. The heart of the car, the engine needs all moving parts to be working properly. So when your car begins to have problems, see how we can help.
  • Brake Services. Brakes wear down over time. If you can feel an issue when you brake or hear metal or squealing, it’s time to check out your brakes before things are too late.
  • Air Conditioning Repair. Anything can happen to your air conditioning. Blowing hot when it should be cold, vice versa, not hot/cold enough, odd smells… the list goes on! However, all of these issues should cause enough concern to bring your car in. 
  • Lift Kits. Looking to raise your vehicle? Ask us about our lift kits and see how we can help. Get the look you want with help from our professionals. 

… And Out!

Of course, it’s not just the inside issues that can cause problems with your car’s performance. Plenty of body issues can lead to problems down the road or just look plain bad. We currently provide services such as auto body repair, suspension repair, frame straightening, painting services, and more. Ask us to see what we can do for your vehicle. 

Knowing Our Brands

Brands mean something different in nearly every industry. But when it comes to cars, one brand might have certain issues that another brand excels at. So when something is going wrong with your car, you need help from a certified professional. Grab a look at the current brands that our professionals are certified in and trust that we can help you to the fullest extent. 

The Help You Need From Our Body Shop in Baton Rouge

If you need some repairs on your vehicle, get in touch with Complete Collision today and see what we can do for you. Although, if you’re unable to come to us, we can do that for you as well. Make good use of our towing service and get the repairs you need sooner rather than later and visit our body shop in Baton Rouge.