Whether you’ve been in a wreck or broke down on the side of the road, no one likes the hassle of dealing with their car. However, nothing is worse than having to deal with car issues without insurance. But insurance or not, at Complete Collision in Zachary, we will be there for you no matter what for your car towing needs. At Complete Collision, we work directly with your insurance company to take care of your vehicle towing needs. 

Learn about insurance and car towing in Zachary.

Why Choose Complete Collision? 

At Complete Collision, we offer towing services 24 hours a day, seven days a week. We know that accidents and breakdowns aren’t planned and want to help ease your stress when they do occur. We offer car towing services in numerous areas around Louisiana—such as Zachary, Baton Rouge, Baker, Pride, and many more—for customers who may or may not have insurance. However, if you still think you are out of our service area, then you should still give us a call. It never hurts to contact us and try. 

How Does Insurance Work With Towing? 

There are many different ways this can be conducted when it comes to insurance coverage for towing. According to Car & Driver, towing coverage isn’t typically included in regular complete coverage plans, so you must ask for it if you want it to become a part of your policy. 

However, most insurance companies won’t cover towing unless you have roadside assistance coverage added to your policy. When you sign up for roadside assistance, it can cover cases such as if you become stranded on the side of the road, get a flat tire, run out of gas, or get into an accident. Some of the many services that roadside assistance covers include: 

  • Towing 
  • Battery-jump start 
  • Flat tire 
  • Fuel delivery 

However, whether you have insurance or not, there will still be times that you will need towing assistance. Luckily for you, Complete Collision will be there for you and help you throughout the entire process. We even work with your insurance company to ensure you do or don’t have coverage. 

Whether You Have Insurance or Not, Get Towing Services for Your Car in Zachary

We understand the frustrations and costs that come with car complications. We also know the headaches that come from dealing with insurance companies. Let us make that all go away with the excellent service we can provide for you. Don’t create more stress for yourself. Instead, rely on Complete Collision in Zachary for your car towing needs, whether you have insurance or not. 

If you or someone you know needs in Louisiana, give us a call at 225-301-9966 or contact us on our website. If you still need more to convince you, then check out the many customer reviews on our website and see for yourself. Get the towing you need and the service you deserve at Complete Collision!