You see them all the time on Louisiana roads. A vehicle coasting down the highway, sitting atop a towering suspension lift kit and sporting a set of tires so big that a person could live in them. If you’re the curious type looking to lift up your own vehicle, a more important question than “How do I get my vehicle to do that?” is “Why should I do that to my ride?” There are several reasons why people in Louisiana might customize their vehicles with suspension lift kits, as well as quite a bit to know before you get started. Even if you’re a seasoned veteran who has conquered the most vicious terrain and knows, Complete Collision wants to help you fill in the gaps.

Advantages of a Lift Kit

Lift kits are specifically designed not to change the quality of how your vehicle drives. In most cases, lift kits aren’t too expensive, and they’re more economical than suspension lifts. Lift kits do not require new shocks since the shocks are not changed during the installation. This is perfect for drivers who love to go off-road. A lift kit will give your tires more clearance while still retaining the factory suspension geometry and alignment. The advantages of findinglift kits near you can be broken down into the following:

  • Visibility – Being able to see the road more clearly is invaluable, especially in high-traffic areas. Sitting up higher will help you help you see more of the road and make other drivers more aware of your vehicle.
  • Vehicle Clearance – Getting a lift kit installed is perfect for someone who loves to go off-road. A lift kit will give your tires more clearance. In turn, better clearance means you can use larger wheels, which means better traction for off-road conditions. A lifted truck benefits from a larger distance between the bottom of the vehicle and the road underneath. This helps you stay safe when driving over damaged streets or rougher Louisiana roads.
  • Safer Driving – A lift kit gives you a safety advantage over smaller vehicles because a lifted vehicle provides a better view of the road and the obstacles that may appear. The difference between avoiding a dangerous situation and becoming a part of it can be as little as a couple of seconds.

Complete Collision Offers Quality Lift Kits in Baton Rouge, LA

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We’re looking forward to helping you! Complete Collision is proud to serve Louisiana as the premier provider of lift kits and other automobile maintenance repairs and services. If you are looking for quality lift kits near you in Louisiana, contact Complete Collision today to schedule an appointment.