Our vehicles are like family, and we have to take care of them. As a car owner, it’s imperative to extend the life of your vehicle and keep it running smoothly by staying on top of regular maintenance. Getting an oil change is one of those things that is non-negotiable because it’s your vehicle’s lifeblood. Without oil to lubricate your engine, things can get sticky very quickly. And while we all know what it’s like to say, “I’ll do it eventually,” this is one thing that just cannot wait. If you’re looking for an oil change near you in Baton Rouge, your local Complete Collision is here to take care of you from start to finish. Let’s talk about why getting regular oil changes is important and why we should be your first choice when it’s time. 

Why Regular Oil Changes Are Important 

We all know we need to do certain things to keep our vehicles running smoothly, and getting regular oil changes is at the top of the list. Without clean oil working to protect and lubricate your engine, friction can begin to cause a variety of problems for your vehicle. When sludge begins to build up in and around your engine, you run the risk of overheating and causing undue stress on your engine and surrounding parts. They can begin to warp and wear out, which could cause you thousands of dollars in repairs in the long run. 

Every vehicle is different, so you’ll need to pay attention to a few key things when it comes to your oil. If you have an older vehicle, you’ll want to regularly check for leakage under your car or truck. Because the only thing worse than dirty oil is no oil. Another key thing is to check your oil once a week. We recommend using a paper towel, taking out the oil stick, cleaning it off, then re-inserting it into your oil chamber. This will give you the best and most accurate reading of your oil levels. We know there’s a little note on your oil change sticker that lets you know roughly when it’s time to come in again, and that’s important to keep an eye on—but taking these few extra steps to ensure your oil is at the proper level and isn’t leaking could save you loads of time and money.

Complete Collision for Your Oil Change Needs

When it’s time to get an oil change near you in Baton Rouge, come on by your nearest Complete Collision. Getting an oil change shines a light on what’s happening in your vehicle, and our trained staff will be able to let you know about any other issues we see while you’re here. With four convenient locations spread across the city, we’re never too far away. Our staff will make sure your experience is a quick and friendly one, and we will get you taken care of and send you on your way for an honest and fair price. When you visit us, you are contributing to a local business that loves its community, not a huge franchise. And that means the world for strengthening our community. Feel free to contact us! We’re looking forward to seeing you soon!