Think you may be in need of a tire change in Baton Rouge? Your tires are, without question, one of the most important parts of your vehicle to keep an eye on. Without proper tread and working tires, you could put yourself and others at risk on the road. 

Oftentimes, people wait until an accident happens, or they get a flat while driving to check into the health of their tires— but this could prove to be risky business. It’s crucial to be mindful of your tires and know when they may need to be changed, so you can get to your nearest Complete Collision Center for service. 

We’ll go over some tips on how to check the health of your tires, knowing when it’s time to get them changed, and the options you have for replacement. 

Checking the Tread 

The tread on your tires is what allows your vehicle to stop properly, preventing sliding and other accidents. You’ll want to check the tread of your tires at least once a month, so when it’s time for new ones, you’ll know. 

The easiest way to do this is with a penny. Stick the penny into several of your tread grooves head down. If you can still see the top of Lincoln’s head, your tread is too low and you’ll want to look into getting new ones immediately. If Lincoln’s head dips down into the grooves, then you should still have enough tread to keep you safe while driving.

If you need a little more guidance on how to complete the penny test, watch this video

The key number here is 4/32 in. This is the minimum amount of tread we need to be safe on the road. If Lincoln’s head is right at flush with the tire— then you are getting close, and need to think about getting them changed soon. 

Knowing When It’s Time 

Another way to check the health of your tires is to watch for aging. Your tires have about a 6-year lifespan before environmental and other factors age the tire to the point of them being unsafe. Every tire has a birthdate, down to the week and year. Check this date, and see where you are in the life of your tires. 

The health of your tires can be influenced greatly by what type of terrain you drive in, how the vehicle is stored, and what types of weather they have been exposed to. If you are feeling unsure on how to know whether your tires have aged enough to be replaced, get in touch with us at Complete Collision, and we’ll be happy to check them out for you. 

Some other things to look out for are vibration from your tires, strange sounds, bubbles, visible damage, or nails or screws that are embedded in your tires. 

Trust Complete Collision With Your Baton Rouge Tire Change

So you’ve done some tests, talked to a specialist, and you think it’s time. You have a lot of options as far as what type of tires to choose, and navigating which ones will be best for you and your vehicle can feel intimidating. But don’t worry, our team here at Complete Collision is Southern Louisiana’s highest rated, and we will help take all of the guesswork out of finding the perfect tires and making sure they are done right. 

We have locations all over southern Louisiana, including Baton Rouge, so we’re never too far away. So come on by and chat with us, or contact us online if you’re looking for a tire change near you. Trust Complete Collision to give you the best service with your Baton Rouge tire change.