Truck owners all have one thing in common—intense love for their vehicles. And who wouldn’t want to make their beloved car look even better than before? But, when it comes down to it, do you choose from truck lift kits or truck leveling kits? When you do choose, what kind do you go for? What are the pros and cons of each? Get the information you need from the professionals at Complete Collision. Our shop is ready to help you make the decision and see why we’re the best choice when you want truck lift kits.

What’s The Difference Between Truck Leveling And Lift Kits?

If you think about it, leveling kits and lift kits aren’t that different. But, it’s their differences that are the most important aspects. Both give your truck a more level look, but do it in different ways.

Like the name says, a leveling kit levels the truck. You may have noticed that your stock truck has the front of your car pointing downwards just a little bit. This is for a simple reason—the truck was designed to haul heavy loads. Don’t worry—getting a truck lift kit or a leveling kit isn’t going to hurt your vehicle. 

However, a little rise is all you’re going to get with a leveling kit. That’s all it does and—levels your car. But a lift kit will get you higher than a leveling kit. And for the messy Louisiana roads, this is perfect. Even if you’re looking for a purely aesthetic effect, a lift kit provides real height and can possibly make it easier to drive off-road.

Additionally, be aware that installing a listing or a leveling kit may void your truck’s warranty. Be aware of this before you choose to install one of these kits.

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Various Types of Lift Kits

Now, after you choose to install a lift kit, you actually have more choices to make. There are actually several different types of truck lift kits. 

For example, there are body lift kits and suspension lift kits. A body lift kit raises the body of the truck from its frame. This type of lift is less expensive and perfect for those looking to install larger tires as well. However, it produces no extra ground clearance. On the other hand, suspension lifts increase the ground clearance and provide more handling than a body lift kit. By replacing the front and rear leaf springs, this typically gives drivers between four to six inches of lift. Body lifts only give about one to three.

And, of course, not every lift kit is made equally. Depending on which you decide on, the pieces may not look the same as your friend’s. For example, it may have bigger knuckles than another kit. It all comes down to choice.

Leave It To The Professionals

When you decide on which truck lift kits you should choose from, you shouldn’t try a DIY job. When it comes to your vehicle, you should always trust in pros—like the ones at Complete Collision.

Our team specializes in truck lift kits, suspension repair, and other kinds of auto and collision repair. If you have a question about our Automotive Services or want to know more about our company, give a call to one of our locations or send us a message online. If you’re ready to install your new lift kit, get an estimate from us. We want you to drive not only safely, but in style.