As a car owner, you know that your vehicle needs maintenance as long as you have it. Some people may feel that their car can go on longer, ignoring these maintenance needs. However, this isn’t true. Even the smallest maintenance need of a vehicle can be life-saving. Take oil changes, for example—every vehicle user has to have one. And it seems simple, right? So it can wait. Or, maybe you’re thinking of handling it yourself. After all, it’s easy. But the thing is, making the wrong move with your oil change can lead to a world of disaster. It’s best to trust the professionals when you need an oil change in Baton Rouge or Zachary.

Why You Need an Oil Change

The oil in our cars has a very important purpose. And because we use it every time we drive, we eventually need to change it out. But what is oil used for? And why do we need to change it out?

When in use, your engine produces a crazy amount of heat. So much heat, in fact, that without the right coolant, it could cause irreparable damage to your vehicle. The purpose of oil is to absorb this heat and to lubricate the engine, which reduces friction. Because oil is constantly going through the engine, it’s often a dark color when you go to change it. This is because the oil may be exposed to high temperatures and pick up grime and other impurities in the engine over time. Oil is actually a rich amber color when it’s fresh.

Not All Oil Is Made Equal

These days, many people feel the need to try to do things themselves to save a quick buck. However, when it comes to vehicles, it’s better to trust the professionals to do the job right. Making the wrong move or using the wrong type of oil can lead to more issues down the road. 

Even if you do know how to change your own oil, what if you don’t know what oil to use? Using the wrong oil on your vehicle may seem like it wouldn’t cause big issues, but that’s not exactly so. If you use the wrong type of oil, you may find that your engine is louder or makes a ticking noise, often because the engine is having a hard time starting. You may also notice a burning smell. If you do, you most likely will also see leaks pretty soon. If oil isn’t working properly, friction can cause the oil to burn.

Just because your car still runs on the wrong type of oil, it doesn’t mean that your car is running without any issues. Trust the professionals to do the job right, quickly, and with the right oil.

Looking to Change Your Oil in Baton Rouge or Zachary?

Complete Collision is here to help you with your oil change so you can go on without any worries. If you have any questions for our professionals, feel free to contact the nearest location to you before you get your oil change. We’re always happy to help!