It always pays to trust the pros. For example, when you want to eat great food, you go to a restaurant. Because you want to eat food that’s made right the first time. When you need work done on your house, you call a contractor. Because that person has made their livelihood making houses structurally safe. The point is, in order for things to be their best, you need professionals who can do a professional job. So, when your car needs a repair job, you need to trust professionals at the right vehicle repair shop. Luckily, Complete Collision is here to help with our professional repair expertise.

DIY Dangerous

It doesn’t matter if cars aren’t really your thing, or if your whole life revolves around them. We all need cars to get around. Plus, we all have some level of pride in our vehicles. So, even if you have a dent or two, it’s something you might be conscious about. But, many people also try to save money and turn to DIY repairs. Doing it yourself might seem like you’re saving a buck, but really you’re costing yourself more money in the end. There’s a huge chance that you could make a mistake and cause more damage. In the end, you could be spending money on parts you put in yourself and professional repairs for the initial damage and damage done. Not to mention all of the precious time you’ve wasted! Make the right decision the first time, and save your money in the long run. 

Can our vehicle repair shop help you?

Knowing What You Need Done

They’re often used interchangeably, but collision repair and auto body repair are actually two different things. And while our shop offers both services, not every shop does.

Simply put, auto body repair encompasses the exterior of the car. For example, if you got a dent, that would be an auto body service that a vehicle repair shop offers. On the other hand, collision repair encompasses more. It’s auto body repair as well as services such as frame straightening and suspension repairs.

In the end, it’s smart to find a shop offering collision repair because they can provide you with the most services. What if your small scratch is actually covering a bigger problem? What if your accident led to unseen break damage? Do yourself a favor and see just what Complete Collision can do for you.

What Does Our Vehicle Repair Shop Offer?

At Complete Collision, we pride ourselves on the number of services we offer to our customers. Some of the auto body repair services we offer include: 

  • Dent Repair and Removal
  • Paintless Dent Repair
  • Vehicle Painting Services
  • Bumper Repair and Restoration
  • Paint Scratch Removal

But, as we said before, this is only a part of collision repair. Collision repair services actually cover even more services than auto body repair:

Have a question about what we offer our customers? Give us a call and see why we’re the best vehicle repair shop in Baton Rouge and Zachary.

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Your repair job will be done right—the first time—with the professionals from Complete Collision. Get an estimate today, or make sure to contact us if you have any questions regarding how we do repairs. We always look forward to helping our customers to the best of our abilities.