Our brakes keep us safe in many situations. Cars literally couldn’t stop safely without them. However, no parts of your car are able to stay pristine forever. And, if you aren’t careful, you could be looking at a brake replacement. See what our collision repair centers in Baton Rouge and Zachary have to offer you, and stay safe with Complete Collision.


Our brakes are an important part of our cars. However, while we use them daily, they can be subject to wear and tear due to overuse. The thing is, there are actually a few ways to overuse your brakes. 

  • Carrying too much in your car. It’s one thing if you have a few things in your car. That isn’t going to seriously affect the weight of your vehicle. However, keeping something heavy in your vehicle for long periods of time can cause your brakes to work harder, wearing them down faster.
  • Sudden stops. Sudden or aggressive braking strains your braking system, wearing them out at a much faster rate. This is even worse if you were speeding in the first place.
  • Riding your brakes. It’s understandable to want to control your speed if you’re going downhill. However, riding your brakes down the road can over-heat and cause your brakes to fail. Try instead to lessen your speed to avoid a roller-coaster experience.

Misusing or overusing your brakes can wear them out faster and put your life at risk. If you think you may need maintenance services, see what we can do for you before you need a brake replacement at our Baton Rouge location.

Resting Your Left Foot on the Brakes

Some of us have a bad habit of leaving our left foot on the brake pedal. While this may seem like a harmless action, it could wear down your brakes. How? Well, more often than not, when you press down on the gas with your right, most also tend to press down on their left foot as well. Even if it’s only a little, this small pressure causes the brakes to activate, thus riding the brakes unnecessarily.

Dirty/Low Brake Fluids

Stepping on your brake pedal forces the small piston(s) inside the brake caliper to compress. This squeezes the brake rotors and slows down your car. However, not all of your brake rotors are connected to the brake pedal, so your brakes also rely on brake lines. These brake lines redirect the force to all four corners of the wheel and are filled with a fluid known as “brake fluid.”


But brake fluid isn’t indestructible. The use of brake fluid can cause it to become dirty or evaporate, lessening your car’s ability to brake efficiently. And in turn, this can cause a chain reaction that could ultimately lead to you needing new brakes entirely. It’s recommended that you change your brake fluid once a year.

In Need of Brake Replacement in Baton Rouge or Zachary? 

We have you covered! If you need a brake replacement or just need us to take a look and check, stop by one of our locations in Baton Rouge or Zachary. We’re more than happy to help you get back on the road safely.