If your Kia was damaged in a car accident, a collision specialist can help bring your car back to top function. Collision repair addresses concerns as minor as scratch repair or as serious as realigning your frame. At Complete Collision, each collision repair specialist is certified in repairs for a variety of makes and models. We make sure that your car is safe for the road! What repair services will you find with our Kia collision specialist in Louisiana?

What Are the Responsibilities of Your Repair Tech?

Collision specialists take the stress of post-accident repairs off your shoulders. From the smallest fix to the biggest repair, your repair tech can help to bring your vehicle back to its appearance and function from before your collision. At Complete Collision, our certified specialists handle repairs for Kia, Chevrolet, Nissan, Ford, and other brands! If you’ve suffered a car accident in Louisiana, let our specialists handle the damage with these repair services:

  • Auto Body Repair
    After a collision, you might only have minor damage. This can include a cracked windshield, small dents, or surface-level scratches. In other accidents, your damage may require major repairs such as a bumper or door replacement. From dent repair to bumper restoration, our specialists can help return your car to its former glory.

  • Frame Straightening
    Sometimes, the frame of your car requires restructuring following an accident. This reinforces its structural integrity by bringing the frame back into alignment. At Complete Collision, we use laser technology set to the specifics of your particular manufacturer. This helps to reshape the frame and make your car safe to drive.

  • Suspension Repair
    Your vehicle’s suspension enhances the friction between your tires and the road. This promotes a smoother driving experience and ensures that you stay in control. If your suspension incurs damage in a car accident, we can service repairs to your shock absorbers, anti-sway bars, and more.

  • Vehicle Painting
    Yes, a paint job makes your car look nice on the outside, but it also protects the body from rust. Whether you have a small scratch or need a complex color match, we can perfect your car’s exterior. Our repair technicians can also sand, prime, and paint your full exterior or simply repair a small patch. 

Our Kia collision specialists are among the highest-rated technicians in the industry. From broad to intricate repairs, our experts follow a nine-step process to fully assess and correct the damage. We begin with determining necessary repairs by checking surface and internal issues. We order appropriate parts, make repairs from the inside out, and finally refinish and detail your vehicle. Get in touch with our trusted collision specialists today for comprehensive repairs.

Find Trustworthy Service in Louisiana With Our Kia Collision Specialist

If you need a Kia collision specialist in Louisiana, our Complete Collision repair technicians are ready to assist. Let us help you get your vehicle back to looking and driving like new! Find a location near you, or call us at (225) 658-8556. You can also get a free quote with our estimate tool or send us a message online with any questions. Don’t let the stress of auto repairs weigh you down. Our skilled specialists will make sure that your vehicle is safe to drive and so that you can get back on the road.