Here at Complete Automotive, we have a thorough repair process to ensure the best results for our customers. Our repair process is as follows.

Step 1: Estimate

First, our technicians inspect your vehicle to determine what type of damage exists. With this information, we can use estimation software to provide an estimate. Keep in mind, not all damage is seen while being inspected; normally the hidden damages are seen after the vehicle is disassembled.

Step 2: Disassembly

During the disassembly process, we are preparing your vehicle for repair. It is at this stage that hidden damages are often found. Any hidden damages require scheduling the insurance company to re-inspect and order additional parts.

Step 3: Order Parts

The repair process can only begin when the shop receives all the parts. At the parts order stage, the availability of parts is checked, and parts are ordered in a timely manner so repairs can begin on schedule.

Step 4: Structure Repair

The structural damage occurred during an accident must be repaired first. Our trained technicians will use a computer-based measurement system to analyze the frame of your vehicle allowing us to accurately return your vehicle to manufacturer requirements.

Step 5: Body Repair

In the body repair department, technicians replace the exterior panels and all metal finishing that is required. Sheet metal is installed and aligned before the vehicle goes to the paint preparations department.

Step 6: Paint

The paint preparation is a very important step in the refinishing process. During this step, our experienced paint specialists prepare the panels and then prime, paint, and seal to ensure the highest quality finished product.

Step 7: Reassembly

In the reassembly area, final moldings and detail pieces are put back on the vehicle and the vehicle’s system is checked. In this step, the vehicle is almost complete and ready for delivery.

Step 8: Detailing

During the Detail Process, the vehicle must be thoroughly cleaned to remove any dust, dirt, etc. The vehicle will then be road tested to ensure everything is working properly before a final inspection assures the vehicle is restored to its pre-accident condition.

Step 9: Completed

Delivery is the final step in the repair process. It is at this point we explain the repair bill, and the final paper work is completed when the customer arrives to pick up their vehicle. The customer drives away in the vehicle that has been restored to its previous condition before the accident.