Summertime calls for plenty of fun in the sun and relaxing with your family. But it also brings substantial amounts of heat. This is something that is familiar to South Louisiana residents year-round, especially during the summer. The first thing many do when getting into the car is turn the AC on high and cool off for a few minutes. You won’t want to get stuck with a broken AC this summer. However, if you do need auto AC repair in Zachary, let Complete Automotive take care of that for you!

How Auto AC Repair in Zachary Helps You Stay Cool

Common Air Conditioning Problems

There are many indications of a malfunctioning air conditioner. Some of these issues might not be super obvious to notice. But, these indicators will let you know when it’s time to get help. Here are some common problems to look out for that will help us diagnose your problem. The more we understand, the easier it will be to help solve your problem. Look out for these signs of AC issues:

  • Vehicle AC blows hot air instead of cold
  • Vehicle AC blows cold air, but the air comes out slow
  • Odd smell coming from the vents
  • No ability to redirect the air coming from the AC system
  • AC system makes a rattling or squealing noise

These are just a few examples you might run into!

Top-Rated Auto AC Repair in Zachary

Our vehicle air conditioning services are top quality. We have perfect ratings on Google and Facebook, so our work truly speaks for itself. Our team works extremely hard to maintain these perfect ratings and keep customers happy. Our staff goes through training and ongoing certifications through manufacturers to stay up-to-date. You can trust that each of our experts comes with plenty of experience so they provide you with high-quality service.

Auto Related Services

Besides auto AC repairs, we specialize in many other auto services in Zachary. If you are in need of engine repair or brake services, we can take care of those concerns for you. We also can perform oil changes and lift kits on your vehicle if you are interested in those services. Our professionals are equipped to improve your car with services you can rely on.

Let Us Help With Auto AC Repair in Zachary This Summer

Complete Automotive has been proudly serving the Zachary and Baton Rouge areas since 1997. If you need auto AC repair in Zachary, our skilled professionals are here to help. We are certified in servicing vehicles from a large range of manufacturers. No matter what make or model your car is, we want to ensure that your car is safe to drive and functioning properly. We also have 24/7 towing services available whether you are on or off-road. Our goal is to keep you safe and pleased! Call our auto AC Repair in Zachary at 225-658-1493. You can also fill out our contact form to reach out to us through our website.