When you are in need of auto repair services for your Kia, it’s important to bring your business to a specialist. Accidents happen all the time, but specialists can help minimize the damages in the aftermath. Finding a car repair specialist for your repairs is always the right choice. Learn why you should always choose a certified Kia auto repair specialist from the experts at Complete Collision

Learn why you should always choose a certified Kia auto repair specialist from the experts at Complete Collision.

Depend on a Kia Certified Auto Repair Specialist for Trustworthy Service

It can feel overwhelming in the aftermath of a car accident. Even with minor accidents, there are a million things to keep in mind. Unfortunately, there are many companies that prey on overwhelmed car accident victims who won’t notice red flags. This can put individuals at risk for poor repair jobs, long repair timelines, or worse. 


Alternatively, a certified Kia repair specialist provides a standard quality of care you can depend on and trust. During your time of need, your repair shop should go above and beyond to meet your needs. That way, when you return to the road, you can feel confident that your car is in top shape and ready to drive wherever you need. 

Assured Performance Certification

Complete Collision has amassed multiple certifications, like the Assured Performance certification, due to our unwavering dedication to our mission and values. This certification combines a variety of industry manufacturer certifications into one easy-to-spot certification for drivers to remember. Earning and maintaining this certification helps our customers trust that our practices and standards are worth their business.


To be a certified Kia auto repair specialist, a company must ensure they meet the high standards of multiple manufacturers like Nissan, INFINITI, Hyundai, and Kia. Any repair company that does earn this certification meets the manufacturer’s requirements for approved vehicle repair. 


To maintain this certification, companies must pass an annual exam that thoroughly inspects how the company operates. A shop must have the approved tools, equipment, training, and facilities to meet these requirements. Only 10% of collision shops can meet these strict requirements. 


Complete Collision is dedicated to maintaining our Assured Performance certification to provide the best repair services for our customers. In addition to our Assured Performance certification, our standards have helped us earn additional certifications. These include our ASE Certification and Pro-First certification

Find Fair Prices for Our Kia Auto Repair Services

In addition to providing the best quality repair care during our customer’s moments of need, we also offer honest prices. This is because we view our customers as essential members of our community across Louisiana. We would never want to mistreat our neighbors during a difficult time. 


So, we offer honest prices for high-quality, certified services. As a result, our customers can feel confident they are in safe hands when they come to us for Kia auto repair. 

Trust Our Certified Kia Auto Repair Services

You deserve the dedicated care of a certified Kia auto repair shop like Complete Collision for your vehicle repairs. Since 1997, Complete Collision has provided high-quality auto repair services reflective of our mission and standards. Don’t waste your time with auto repair shops you can’t depend on to get the job done. If you have any questions, please call your nearest location or message us online.