When your car is damaged in an auto accident, you need reliable service to get it back to pre-collision condition. At Complete Automotive, we work with our customers and their insurance companies to provide the fastest, highest quality repairs possible! With our thorough collision repair services, we make sure that your vehicle runs smoothly on the inside and looks beautiful on the outside. Interested in our collision repair process? Here are the five major steps of getting your vehicle back on the road.

1. Towing or Drop Off

The first step to repairing your vehicle is to bring it to our collision center. We have two locations in Baton Rouge and Zachary. If your car is still drivable, come to your closest Complete Automotive center. Or if your care is not in road-worthy condition, don’t worry. We offer 24/7 Towing & Recovery to make sure that you and your vehicle make it safely from point A to point B. 

2. Assessment & Estimate

Now that we have your vehicle at our repair center, we begin by thoroughly inspecting the damage. We note surface-level dents and dings as well as internal issues with your suspension or alignment. Next, we work up a detailed estimate of labor and parts so that you know what kind of investment to expect for your repairs. These estimates are free of charge, and no payment is due until it is time to pick up your vehicle. Once you’ve given us the green light, we move forward with the collision repair process.

3. Disassembly & Structural Repair

Collision repair has several steps. We start with the internal structural repairs of your frame and suspension. A rough collision may have bent your frame out of manufacturer specifications. Or, your suspension may require fixing, whether that means replacing your shocks or making sure your vehicle is in alignment. Once we know that the internal workings of your car are back to factory standards, we move on to auto body repairs.

4. Reassembly & Body Refinishing

Your accident may have left dents, chipped paint, or scratches in the finish of your car. Or, your bumper may need to be restored to its pre-collision state. At Complete Automotive, we can take care of all the finishing details! Our auto body repair services include sanding, dent repair, and more to give us a perfect canvas to paint on. Then, we can finish your repairs with auto painting. With a fresh coat of primer and paint, we make sure that the body of your car looks like new.

5. Quality Control & Pickup

Last but not least, we do a final inspection for quality control. We make sure that all repairs have been completed up to manufacturer standards. And, we make sure that all surface imperfections have been erased and your vehicle is running smoothly from the inside out. Now it’s time to pick up your vehicle! While we hold our mechanics and repair process to high standards, we want you to feel confident with our quality, too. This is why our service comes with a lifetime guarantee for your highest level of satisfaction.

Begin the Collision Repair Process at Complete Automotive!

Do you need vehicle repairs? Find services from a company you can trust. Give Complete Automotive a call today! Reach our Zachary center at 225-658-1493 or our Baton Rouge center at 225-768-9898. For those needing their vehicles towed, call our 24/7 Towing & Recovery at 225-301-9966! You can also send us a message through our website for any detailed questions. Our customer service team is happy to help and will get your answers as soon as possible.