If you have gone through a car accident in Baton Rouge and your Dodge needs professional repair, where can you go to fix the damage? Complete Automotive is your trusted source in Southern Louisiana for fully certified repairs. Our technicians are trained and certified for servicing a variety of different car manufacturers. And, our repairs come with a lifetime warranty. When your Dodge needs trustworthy repair, make sure to visit our Dodge-certified auto body repair shop in Baton Rouge for top-notch quality and service!

Why Should You Visit a Certified Collision Repair Shop?

If your Dodge needs some TLC, the best place to visit is a certified repair shop. Complete Automotive is a member of CollisionFix. This means that we follow manufacturers’ standards with quality parts and repair practices. We refuse to use imitation parts for your services that can prevent safe operation. We ensure that your vehicle is returned to you in its original, pre-accident condition! This is our mission at Complete Automotive, and we strive to deliver the fastest repairs possible. Each of our mechanics is quality-trained and certified to repair a range of vehicles, from Jeep and Dodge to INFINITI and more. So, no matter your manufacturer or model, make sure to choose Complete Automotive for your collision repairs.

Our shop also accepts and welcomes all insurance claims. We work with your auto insurance provider to determine which repairs are covered to help offset your cost. No matter if you need a full repair or general maintenance, we will determine exactly how we can help. And as we mentioned earlier, our certified repairs come with a Lifetime Warranty. If you experience any problems with our repairs, come back to see us. We can quickly address and fix the issue!

Find These Repair Services at Complete Automotive

At our certified Dodge repair shop in Baton Rouge, we offer collision and auto repairs. From engine care and oil changes to more serious fixes, you can trust that your vehicle is in capable hands. Following an accident, your car may be left with a dented frame, a scratched exterior, or a wealth of suspension repair needs. We can straighten your frame, color match your exterior paint, and fix your suspension issues from shock replacement to realigning your suspension. Or if you need general maintenance, we can assist with that, too! Let us align your tires, check your brakes, and repair your air conditioner. Whatever your issue may be, our trained technicians can help to quickly solve your problem.

Choose Our Dodge Repair Center in Baton Rouge

When it comes to auto body repairs, we can deliver the highest quality in the business. For those in need of Dodge repair services in Baton Rouge, contact us online or give Complete Automotive a call at 225-768-9898! Or, visit our website for a free estimate for your repairs. We pride ourselves not just on top-rated repairs but also on excellent customer service. If you have any questions whatsoever, don’t hesitate to reach out to us. We look forward to servicing your Dodge vehicle and getting it back on the road!