Due to their expense, we all want our cars to last as long as possible. But, the sands of time affect everything. And your vehicle is no different. We have to realize that one day our cars will face some sort of damage. But, that doesn’t mean we can’t try our hardest to keep them running as long as possible. Although, this damage doesn’t always have to happen. So, let’s look at why damage does occur. And, what is the most commonly seen damage anyways? Discover more about your vehicle from Complete Collision—no matter if it’s an Acura, Dodge, Nissan, or more. As your collision specialist, we have you covered.

Peeling Paint

While not super common, peeling paint is something that can happen to any aging car. But why does this happen? After all, this doesn’t happen to every vehicle.

To better understand the situation, we need to include that a car’s paint is composed of several layers. When one or more lays begin to separate, they begin to peel or delaminate. And while there are many causes, the most common is exposure to the elements. In short, every time you take your car out, the paint undergoes stress. So a small amount of damage is only normal wear and tear. But, as we said, you don’t need to accept it and do nothing.

Some preventive measures you can take include parking in a garage, routine care, washing the car, and catching any damage early. By taking preventative measures, you can have your car looking its best, longer.

Tire Issues

Tires are one of the most used items on a vehicle. So, it’s only natural they undergo most of the wear and tear. As your car drives, eventually, the tread begins to wear down. But if it gets too low, you could be increasing the danger of hydroplaning, punctures, and blowouts. Once your tires have enough wear and tear, it’s time for new ones.

There’s also the issue of “unnatural” wear and tear. Uneven tire wear is caused by things such as improper alignment, over and underinflation, and a worn-out suspension. If you think that your car is having any of these issues, you should come visit the nearest Complete Collision in Baton Rouge or Zachary. 

When your Nissan has collision damage, find a specialist with Complete Collision!

Pump The Brakes

Speaking of everyday use, you use your brakes every time you drive—no matter what. And every part of your brakes requires some sort of maintenance. But when your brakes begin to give out, you’re not only putting yourself in danger but also everyone else on the road. Going to your trustworthy Nissan collision specialist can help you identify the issue. 

For example, one of the most common problems is a simple brake pad replacement. Over time, these pads wear down as we step on the brakes. However, once this pad is worn down to the metal, parts of the metal rub against each other to cause other problems. Then you’re looking at expensive rotor replacements or more. Do yourself a favor and take a look into your brakes routinely

Help From Your Nissan Collision Specialist

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