For many, remembering to pause and look down at their tires falls to the back of our minds when competing with our busy routines. We depend on our cars to carry us from one location to the next. However, our vehicles equally rely on us to keep tires in top shape and replace them before it causes problems. Do you know if your car is due for a tire change in Baton Rouge? It can be difficult to tell. Fortunately, the experts at Complete Collision have five easy ways to tell if you are due for a tire replacement.

5 Ways to Tell If You Need a Tire Change in Baton Rouge

1. Look Out for Cracks, Bulges, and Gouges

One of the most noticeable warning signs of an approaching tire replacement can be seen on a surface level. As tires experience wear and tear, cracks and gouges in the sidewall will form. These are dangerous as they could indicate slow leaks or even a rotting tire. Additionally, drivers risk blowing out a tire more as the structural integrity declines. 

2. Check the Tread With a Penny

For those worried about a tire’s health, the tread is often one of the first things checked. A new tire will begin with a thick tread, typically around eight to nine millimeters, and will thin as used. Legally, most states require drivers to replace tires if they thin below 2/32″

One of the easiest ways to check the tread of your car is to use one of the pennies you may have in your glove box. Place the coin between the tread grooves with the presidential head going in first. If the treads cover the top of the head up to Lincoln’s eyes, your tires should be okay. But if they don’t, it’s a strong indicator that it’s time for a tire replacement.

3. Routine Air Pressure Maintenance 

If your tire’s air pressure is routinely dropping, it may be a sign of an air leak. You can bring your tire to our auto professionals to have the cause of the leak diagnosed and services. Whether the issue happened suddenly or reoccurs over time, let us ensure your tires will remain reliable on the road. 

4. Vibrations or Thumps While Driving 

Hopefully, if your vehicle began vibrating or thumping during use, you would notice it. Unfortunately, it may not click in your mind that it is a sign you need to replace your tires. Alternatively, you may choose to ignore it. Typically, vibrating tires are out of balance and will rapidly burn through their lifespan. Not only will you have to replace your tires if you ignore the sensation, but it may damage your suspension system. 

5. Keep Track of Tire Age

One of the seemingly easiest ways to remember when you need a tire change is tracking the tire’s age. But as the saying goes, time flies and the end of your tire’s lifespan may creep up on you without notice. On average, tires will last around five years, but the level of wear and tear will play a factor. If you forget the age, most tires have their manufacture date on the side of the tire. 

Due for a Tire Change in Baton Rouge? Complete Collision Can Help!

If your tires need replacement, you can rely on Complete Collision to provide the necessary service. Since 1977 we have kept up with the latest automotive developments and practices. In order to accomplish this, our technicians are trained and certified to serve your vehicle’s needs. If you have any questions, please contact us by calling 225-768-9898 or sending us a message online. We look forward to hearing from you.