Although summer is nearly over, it’s still blazingly hot. And—as residents the great state of Louisiana—we all know that there’s something especially hot about a Louisiana summer. Drivers everywhere are desperately looking for a shady parking spot. And with the heat this gnarly, nobody wants to drive without AC in their vehicle. That’s where we come in to help. If you’re stuck without a working car AC in this Louisiana heat, visit a Complete Collision location near you. We’ll help you solve the problem as fast as possible.

Common Causes of Auto AC Issues

How do these ACs break in the first place? What causes the issue? You know how sometimes an injury or illness can be caused by another part of the body? Cars can be like that too sometimes.

  • Is your car blowing cold air when it should be blowing hot? You could have a failed heater core. Just like most things, the heater core can rust, clog, or erode over time. Depending on the specific issue, it could be as simple as unclogging the score. But if corrosion is this story’s villain, then this heater core will need to be replaced entirely.
  • An alternative to this cold air dilemma could be issues with your vehicle’s cooling system. Coolant flows through the engine, cooling it, turns into the radiator cool back down, or goes to the heater core. If there’s a leak, you won’t get enough hot antifreeze sent to the core, and warm air won’t come out.
  • On the other hand, there’s the issue of hot air blowing out when it should be cold. A simple answer is the refrigerant gases leaking out somewhere. Even a perfectly working AC unit leaks refrigerant, and may just need to have a recharge.
  • But, the same issue is also often due to a problem with the AC compressor. Say there was a belt slip, some damage, or bigger issues at play. As the centerpiece of your car’s AC system, issues with the compressor can cause more significant problems.
  • The last possibility is no air blowing at all. Thankfully, this is often a pretty simple issue. All you need is help from professional mechanics who can take a look at this electrical problem.

While a broken AC does seem like a small issue—and it usually is—it could be a precursor to much bigger problems. Do yourself a favor and take your car in to see the auto experts at Complete Collision.

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