No matter what type of vehicle you drive, you want to have help who knows what they’re doing. As a resident of the Baton Rouge area, you’re in luck—because Complete Collision is here to help. Top-rated and certified as a Ford repair shop, Complete Collision provides only the best Ford auto body or collision work. But what can we manage? Discover more why we’re the best choice for your Ford auto repair in Baton Rouge. 

When your Ford needs auto repair, you need the best in Baton Rouge. Trust in the right Ford certified team at Complete Collision.

Common Issues We Handle

Ford vehicles are sturdy and made to last. However, the sands of time affect everything, and Ford cars are no exception. So what do you do when the family Ford starts to give you trouble? Go to the experts, of course. But what exactly do us experts cover? Take a look at a few examples.

Brake Services

When your brakes aren’t working perfectly, you’re putting yourself and everyone else in the vehicle at risk every time you drive. You unfortunately never know when the brakes might eventually give. But at Complete Collision, we provide top-of-the-line brake services to our customers. Specifically, we offer services such as:

  • Brake Pad Replacements
  • Brake Line Repairs and Replacements
  • Wobbly/Vibrating Brakes
  • And more!

Auto Body Repairs

But when accidents do happen, our auto body repair services are perfect for you. Thanks to their skills, our team is able to handle dents, paint jobs, bumper repair, scratches, and more. 

Lift Kits

Additionally, we also offer lift kits for those looking to even out their truck. We’ve helped countless Ford drivers install lift kits onto their vehicles. With our skills, we’re able to achieve the look and functionality you need—at a price you can afford.

Discover more about the auto repair and collision repair services we offer and see how we can help service your Ford today. 

When To Get Your Car Serviced

Even if you don’t see any issues with your car, it’s still important to have regular service. Doing so can ensure everything is working correctly and elongate your vehicle’s life. But, if you’re not an expert, how are you supposed to know when to come in? Luckily, many cars these days have warning lights whenever something is going wrong. But, on the off chance that nothing shows up, you should also recognize your vehicle’s normal sounds.

Visit one of our locations today for services such as oil changes and tire repair.

The Best Ford Auto Repair In Baton Rouge

Your vehicle is everything—it gets you where you need to go and is it a point of pride. So when your vehicle needs high-quality auto repairs, it’s time to turn to the best auto shop for Fords in Baton Rouge. Grab an estimate from us today. Or, if you have any questions, get in contact with us. (Make sure you check our locations page before you call for the right number!) Our team is ready to tackle your Ford auto repair needs.